One of the things I absolutely LOVE as a wedding photographer is when kids are a part of the wedding ceremony. It is so fun to create memories with kids standing as apart of the bridal party. Many of them just can’t stay still and start acting like a normal child. They start yawning or try to get an attention from the bride, or they can just get lost while going down the aisle 🙂

It’s always making their parents nervous because they want their kids to act perfect for this special moment of the wedding. But as a photographer, I would like to share with you my thoughts. Kids in a ceremony help create an absolutely memorizable and unforgettable photo for your wedding day! As a photographer, I LOVE LOVE LOVE capturing real magical moments of the wedding, and kids are one of the BIGGEST parts of it!!!

So if you are thinking to involve kids in your wedding ceremony! I would be your biggest fan as your wedding photographer!